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       Computer Hardware Troubleshoot   
Why you need to upgrade your computer hardware? you need to upgrade your system because it does not have enough space or its taking long time to - run your application, or may be computer hangs after while,  

Generally it doesn't helping you, what you expect.

Does it really worth to upgrade ?
  Depends : Let’s see if you have Lot of licensed software that stick to your hardware
and they need your hardware specific ID to matched to run the software smoothly, then you need concern just to upgrade the disk space by adding  Hard disk and speeding up by adding RAM,
           some users have tons of software which they have customized through the years of works, which they don't wont to do this customization again with a new pc then you need to concern just upgrade.

 How long this Upgrade works ?
       what ever the new stuff that installed in your system will have their life time ( Some years)  
 again,   But at some point you have to realize that you need a NEW PC

 Can I just upgrade my Disk space?

In this case we can help you to find the right disk for your system. and then Backup your Data properly. Our professionals will even clone your system data so that you want loose single piece of information; but your hard drive space will be bigger and faster;

 How should I know that I need New PC ?

    **  When your pc crash and then you try to re-installed everything from the scratch but it doesn't help, then you know that there is some hardware error than the software.
        *When you computer stopped due to natural disaster (Lightning / Flooding / or may be physical drop , etc)

        * when you need to do some advance computer developing or gaming stuff where your old system has no such power of processing ) then its better to moving to a new pc.

        *  if you cannot make a decision ; give us a (613-663-4789 )will help you to make the right decision.

Will I loose all my work / Data in the case of switching to a new PC ?
        We can help  to backup all your data and installed all your licensed software  including their updates , verify your data restore.

        Place your order Online or call us (613)663-4789


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